I installed mysql with Homebrew about a year or so back and created some databases with it. I uninstalled it some time last year. The data files in /usr/local/var/mysql are still around.

I recently reinstalled mysql with Homebrew. Though it installed, the server would not start with the old data files in place. So I had to remove the old data files and reinstall to get the server to start.

I want to recover the databases created with the older version of mysql. I'm not sure if this can be done with the newer version of mysql installed or if I need to install the old version of mysql. If I have to install the old version, how can I determine what version of mysql was used to create the databases?

Note: these are innodb databases.

  • I was able to get the databases back by installing mysql 5.7 with homebrew alongside the current version. Now I can dump the databases and import them into the newest version, which looks to be 8. – StevieD Mar 2 at 11:44

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