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I am trying to take some high quality screenshots on my 13" MBP for a website - they need them to be as high resolution as possible (at least 1000px wide) - when I take the screenshot (command+shift+3) and look at the info in Finder it shows dimensions of 2880x1800 but a resolution of 144x144... what is the difference and can I take screenshots at a higher resolution somehow?


Dimension is the actual height and width of the image in pixels.

Resolution (or DPI) is the number of pixels in a square inch.

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    So if they say the "resolution" higher than 1000px wide am I good? I'm assuming they are referring to dimensions? how else can I get a resolution of 1000px wide? – laura Mar 2 at 1:50
  • They mean dimensions. The term "resolution" is often used (incorrectly) in place of "dimensions". – duskwuff Mar 2 at 3:06

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