No matter what Python approach I take to reading a file on the MacBook Pro desktop, I get a 'path does not exist' error message. In Terminal, I find that a web of directories was created where Jupyter Notebook has a CWD on directory /home. Nothing in this network is visible on the Finder. In Terminal, I did a cp file-on-desktop same-file-in-home-directory. I got error message that the /home directory path didn't exist. The computer is acting like the Jupyter Notebook created a disk partition. It can be seen in Terminal, but it isn't recognized by Finder or anything else in the Macos file management. What do I do so that I can read/write twix a Jupyter Notebook and my MacBook Pro?

  • There is no /home directory on a Mac. Can you rework your question with some additional details? As written it’s unclear what you’re referring to – Allan Mar 1 at 20:50
  • WHat directory is the juypter kernel running from. Note all the commands are from where the kernel is. – user151019 Mar 1 at 21:22
  • I think this is a problem with the juypter installation. I suggest you try your question in a juypter forum. I found several juypter forums, jupyter.org/community – historystamp Mar 1 at 23:04
  • As stated, /home is not visible to the Finder. Inside the Notebook os.getcwd produces /home/dsxuser. When I use Terminal, I see /home when I do an ls after I cd .. back to the drive. So, when the Notebook is running, I can see /home from the Notebook and from the Mac Terminal, but not in Finder. historystamp is probably right. – Larry Field Mar 2 at 20:00

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