The problems just keep getting worse. Original problem (I guess)

So I restored (from a CCC clone) after installing macOS Sierra from install macOS Sierra.app while my computer was booting from a 2013 Macbook Air (borrowed computer) connected via firewire (in target disk mode), since I really needed my computer to work at school.

Big mistake.

Finder semi-crashes constantly now, it's actually worse off then when I started.

50% of the time when I try to scroll up or down in finder, it crashes.

I know I should just move everything over manually and find out what the problem is, but I don't have time for that, it could take several days since I have almost a terabite of data to go through.

Not to mention that I'd have to reinstall a bunch of drivers and applications because they can't be moved over (I'm not so bothered by that though).

I'm looking for any way to make my computer run macOS properly temporarily, just until I have enough time (a couple of days) to go through everything.

Fixing it would be great too, I'm going to try reinstalling macOS from new recovery partition, but I don't expect that to help for long.

Please tell me if finder logs would be helpful.

My macbook pro: mid-2012, 1tb macOS ssd instead of superdrive, 500gb windows hdd in hdd slot, 16gb ram, dying cheap battery from Newegg, SIP disabled.

OS has some modifications I think, I'll add what apps I used for that when I can.

I tried to screen record finder saying nothing exists, but QuickTime quit as soon as it happens.

Thanks @Allan for all of the help before, but I think that this may be a different problem.

  • Can you create a new user and try using that – Mark Mar 1 at 8:41
  • I'll try that again, but last time I did it (before wiping and restoring os) the setup app froze when I pushed "do not sign in with my apple Id" @Mark – Sam Mar 1 at 8:43
  • I'll get back to you with what happens when I try though – Sam Mar 1 at 8:44
  • So I restored (from a CCC clone). I did not recommend you do this. Your OS was a mess initially, so you basically took a clean install then restored that mess right back on top of it. For example, you had two hypervisors and two AV programs - those things conflict with each other. – Allan Mar 1 at 17:41
  • I know that you did not recommend it, but I had to to have all of my data for school. I plan on moving over stuff manually and testing everything in april (spring break), but until then I don’t have the time :/ – Sam Mar 1 at 18:41

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