I'm splitting my main office network into different segments with each their own subnet. This will cause our file-server (which will be moved to a different network than the users) to not appear under the Locations-list in the left pane in Finder (in MacOS).

I know I can probably solve this by setting up mDNS/DNS-SD to broadcast the fileserver from another network, but I would like to try a different approach where I add a shortcut to my users Finder-pane.

Adding a specific folder is no problem to do and described in other topics here, but I'm looking to add the server itself (it's a Synology NAS over AFP). It doesn't seem possible to manually drag a root share (which I don't want, but would at least be something) to the Favorites-pane, let alone the server itself (where you can choose between different shares).

On top of that I would like to add this server for about 30 users, so a command line approach would be preferred, although I can see myself setting it up manually if all else fails..

Any ideas on how to approach this problem?

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