While installing bootcamp I accidentally deleted (clean) the entire disk, now my entire data is gone. I saved it as it was in an image on an external disk. Disk utility won't mount the file and even when I mount it from command line, it won't repair the disk.

I used Testdisk and it's telling me that currently my partition looks like this: enter image description here

when I run "deep search", it finds these two partitions: enter image description here Now how can I restore my data? How can I restore the correct partition table?

Photorec gives me this partition structure: enter image description here

  • Macbook Pro Mid2012, disk is 750GB HDD. I don't understand why it shows those 2 partitions. I tried Photorec too and it displays a different partition structure. I updated the opening post. Can I not simply recreate a default partition table? It was a GUID partition table. – Alv123 Feb 27 at 20:03
  • Why are you using this utility to recreate the partition table? – Allan Feb 27 at 20:10
  • I tried to following this instructions but it won't work perrohunter.com/repair-a-mac-os-x-hfs-partition-table – Alv123 Feb 27 at 20:14
  • Are you just trying to rebuild the partition table or trying to recover your data? – Allan Feb 27 at 20:20
  • I understood that in order to recover the data I need to rebuild the partition structure. The data should be still there. I didn't overwrite the data. – Alv123 Feb 27 at 20:26

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