I often turn on the HDR mode while taking pictures using the built-in Camera app on my iPhone.

However, I have experienced that HDR mode isn't preserved between app launches. It gets turned off on it's own and has to be turned on manually quite often.

HDR mode turned on manually

HDR mode turned off automatically upon subsequent launch

Is there any technical (documented) reason for this behaviour? I have been observing this behaviour for a long while now with many past iOS releases.

I have also tried enabling Preserve Settings preference under Settings app → Camera, but to no avail.

As observed, the HDR mode and Flash On setting couldn't co-exist, I have turned off flash, which gets preserved between app launches.

Is there a way/workaround to keep the HDR mode persistently turned on?

I am using iPhone 5s, SE and 6s all running iOS 12.1.4.

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