Below is a script intended to press the up arrow key every time a pixel of #535353 is encountered at 555,888. This is intended to create a bot for the Chrome dino game. However, for some reason the script does not always successfully press the up arrow when a cactus passes through 555,888. I reason this to be because the script isn't running the shell command to test the pixel frequently enough.

Is there a more efficient way to test for the color of an onscreen pixel such that I can test for it more times per second?

    set px to ""
    set px to (do shell script "screencapture -R555,888,1,1 -t bmp $TMPDIR/test.bmp && 
             xxd -p -l 3 -s 54 $TMPDIR/test.bmp | 
             sed 's/\\(..\\)\\(..\\)\\(..\\)/\\3\\2\\1/'")
    if px contains "535353" then
         tell application "System Events"
            key code 126
         end tell
    end if
end repeat
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    Consider using a graphical automation tool like up.csail.mit.edu/sikuli Sadly the Sikuli web site seems unreachable thanks to a poorly configured iframe. – Graham Miln Feb 26 '19 at 10:43

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