I have recently downloaded the Apache Netbeans 10 binaries from the Apache Netbeans (Incubating) site. I extracted the zip file to /Application/netbeans/. But when I try to run /Application/netbeans/bin/netbeans I get the an error in the terminal: Unknown option: n follow by the help message. What I'm missing here? I'm running java version "11.0.2". Please for your help.

  • This is open source, did you follow the instructions in the ReadMe? Have you raised an issue on their issues site? – fsb Feb 25 '19 at 15:14
  • Yes, To start the IDE (Solaris OS or Linux): Type at the command prompt: /netbeans-install-directory/bin/netbeans from the ReadMe file – Kamga Simo Junior Feb 25 '19 at 15:16
  • So those directions will work on macOS? – fsb Feb 25 '19 at 15:23
  • Yes, I also watch a video tutorial on Youtube and the above command works just fine on macOS – Kamga Simo Junior Feb 25 '19 at 15:24

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