I can not empty trash folder, getting message "The operation can’t be completed because the item “7” is in use." Tried

sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

Getting message that directory is not empty:

enter image description here

But looks like there is nothing:

enter image description here

Tried everything posted about this bug, even restarted under Command+R mode, first aid for disk done, nothing found, system consistency off, etc.

So, any help will be appreciated.

  • Why are you attempting to remove your ~/.Trash directory? – Allan Feb 25 at 16:19
  • Sorry, typo, /.Trash/* of course. Fixed – zzheads Feb 26 at 7:25
  • Have you tried emptying it via the GUI? – Haran Rajkumar Feb 26 at 9:04
  • Using "Empty trash" button? Sure I did – zzheads Feb 26 at 9:33
  • You say you've restarted with command+r, have you tried deleting the contents of .Trash from there? – Ezekiel Elin Feb 26 at 15:37

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