If I have a limit of free 5GB iCloud, and the Backup Info states:

  • Backup Size: 4.28GB
  • Next Backup Size: 1.10GB

Doesn't this mean the next backup will be smaller? Therefore, shouldn't it overwrite/delete the existing backup and thus still be within the 5GB limit?

My backups keep failing because of lack of space.


This means your current backup size on iCloud is 4.28GB. The next time a backup is done it will add an additional 1.10GB.

4.28 + 1.10 = 5.38GB. That will exceed the amount of space you have in iCloud.

You can reduce what's being backed-up or buy additional storage space in iCloud. Check out this answer to a similar question for tips on what you can do.

  • So really, one should consider iCloud backup space to be half of what is stated. – skube Feb 25 at 11:38
  • No, you have the full 5GB to use for backup. You are in control of what gets backed-up so it looks like you're trying to backup too much for the available space. You should change the back-up settings to fit into the available space or buy more space. – fsb Feb 25 at 12:29

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