I had a game on my ipad and since something wasn't working in it their support team recommended I delete it then reinstall. So i deleted it, but now when I want to reinstall it I get an error message saying there is not enough free space - even though the game was installed on my ipad before! Even though, I deleted other apps to make even more space. The game is registered on the app store as requiring something like 155M. I have 10,78GB of free space and still I keep getting that error message. I contacted support again and all they're saying is "turn off ipad and try again", "free more space", "try from another ipad" - but I only have one ipad. What can I do? I have been playing that game for almost two years and actually spent quite a lot of money on it.

  • Try rebooting it (turn completely off and then on again). If persists, connect to itunes. If badly confused you may need to restore your latest backup. – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Feb 24 at 10:27
  • Check the trash again to make sure it empty. – Lisa Ann Feb 24 at 16:58

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