I am kinda running out of room on my Mac, and in System Information (comes up when I click "manage" in "storage" of "About This Mac"), I saw that "Install macOS High Sierra" was taking 5.21 GB.

I thought that deleting it would solve my storage problem for now. I had it because I recently updated my mac to macOS Mojave 10.14 which I love, but that dang file won't go away. I click it, then delete. Then, I get a confirmation, "are you sure" and such.

After clicking "delete" I enter my password for permission because its an "application change". Then, the top tab goes away and nothing happens. I've been thought this process a few dozen times and I have no idea why nothing happens.

How can I get rid of the file and reclaim the space?

It’s in /Applications but has a slashed circle symbol over it.

  • Welcome to Ask Different :) Can you open /Applications directory and see if it contains a file named "Install macOS High Sierra.app"? – Nimesh Neema Feb 24 '19 at 2:49
  • Yes, it is there. It does however have a slashed circle symbol over it. What does that mean? – Matthew Feb 25 '19 at 5:23
  • In macOS, that symbol over an app icon means that it won't run when executed (could be due to variety of reasons). – Nimesh Neema Feb 25 '19 at 8:15

Had this issue for a while and stumbled on the solution this morning.

  1. Open Applications folder in Finder
  2. Right Click 'Install macOS *****'
  3. Click on "Show Package Contents"
  4. Click and Drag Contents folder to Trash
  5. Empty Trash
  6. Click and Drag the Application to Trash
  7. Empty Trash

All Gone!

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