I tried deleting old backups in order to make space for more. I deleted a bunch with finder, then discovered no space was actually reclaimed. I tried emptying the trash - it ran for three days, requiring a "continue" occasionally, it reported to have deleted over 5 MILLION items, and then we lost power. Now I can't even find any backup files (I did not delete all of them). I have directories named machinex.sparsebundle where machinex is one of several machines that were backing up to this drive. Nothing in those directories is recognizable. The subdirectories /bands seem to be taking up the space, but I have no idea what the files are, so am reluctant to delete them. How can I get space back?

  • Don't touch the Time Machine files. TM knows itself how to clean up in the backups. Start over. – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Feb 23 at 8:07

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