Using ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) to login to my Mac Pro running 10.13.6 then exiting the ARD window the Mac Pro locks the screen which is fine sometimes, but not at other times. I would like to control the ability of it locking the screen after ending the ARD session. Is there a setting that I don't see or know of?

The settings:

  • user account is password enabled
  • screen saver is enabled for 15 after inactivity
  • energy saver for display 10 minutes.


  • If you logout of the user account then login then start and end a session the screen remains unlocked.
  • When the display goes to sleep or screen saver is enabled then start and end a session process locks the screen when closing the ARD window.
  • Seems like the sleeping of the screen itself changes the expected behavior.

Question: - How do we control the desired behavior to not lock the screen after ARD session without turning off energy saver for the display?

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