Is there a way to export all my notes written in the Notes app in any format so that I can import them to another Mac?

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    Can you save them to iCloud and use the same account on both computers? – fsb Feb 22 at 17:30
  • @fsb: I am not that well versed with Macs. Is there an option to save notes to iCloud? How can I do this? – Jim Feb 22 at 18:02
  • @fsb: I would prefer an export. Using some cloud server would be my last choice – Jim Feb 22 at 18:03
  • Have you tried just using 'export as PDF' in the Notes application? – fsb Feb 22 at 19:44
  • adding to @fsb's comment, one may write a script to do the same for all the notes if there are many. – ankiiiiiii Feb 22 at 19:56

1 "is there an option to save notes to iCloud?" yes, in system preferences-> iCloud.

2 "it seems I cannot import a pdf to notes" you can. The regular method of File-> import->import file, won't work. You can drag and drop multiple files into a note.

3 "Scripting" that would be a task for automator which even I have to learn yet.

4 "how to import to new Mac," if same Apple ID is used on both Macs, turn on the iCloud for notes (see 1^) It'll sync. If different IDs are used, it is not a tried method. You can add collaborators (or people) and send them the invite. Then they can import all the notes to their Mac.

  • You are right. I could drag and drop the exported as PDF back to a note but it is not editable anymore. It is a PDF inside a note. – Jim Feb 23 at 9:43
  • With the option (1) for iCloud, does that save everything in Mac or only Notes? – Jim Feb 23 at 9:44
  • I don’t know the defaults but you get a choice in saving particular documents in the “iCloud drive” tab in the finder. Also, photos, calendar, reminders, safari are there for backup. It's up to you to turn on iCloud sync for certain things. – ankiiiiiii Feb 23 at 18:39

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