In my project, we used to use Skype as a way to communicate information about our work and sharing screenshots and files for years. Now we need to export conversation and files from 2016 and it looks very difficult.

First thing, with the big number of messages we sent in a conversation, there is no way to scroll back to 2016 in the Skype client without getting terrible slowdowns, CPU usage. Loading is getting slower and slower.

In the Tools menu, there is an "Export chat history since 7.x" option, which gets me to the oldest message in December 23, 2016, which is not soon enough for my needs. Also, I can download the files or images which all appears to be links with "Media received. To view it, go to: " with an URL that leads me to a "Oops, looks like that file has expired" page from skype.com

In the gallery section in the chat, I can't get anything before August 28, 2018.

In my user Library Folder under Application Support/Skype, I managed to download some files from 2016 and before, under /media_messaging/media_cache_v3 , not all of them though, most of them are from early 2016. I could not find any more interesting stuff here.

Finally, I could not find anything useful in other folders such as: Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Skype for Desktop/ Library/Logs/Skype

I am kind of desesperate. I know my computer seems to have a lot of old caches and data from Skype at that time, but unable to fetch it. Since my system is upgraded to macOS Mojave, I don't think installing an old version of Skype could work and unsure if it would help either.

Any idea how to fetch old Skype discussions?

  • I just found that main.db is a SQLite file, I've managed to open it with a cool little utility software named DB Browser for SQLite, but I've got the same limit (December 23, 2016). No traces of older conversations than that. Not sure where the old conversations are stored if stored at all. I am losing hope. But I do find early 2016 and 2015 files in the media_cache_v3 folder, that's strange... – Béatrice Cassistat Feb 22 at 19:00

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