I recently have been having some problems with my mid-2012 Macbook Pro, where after it shuts down, the screen doesn't turn on when I restart it.

I have a quick fix for this, but it doesn't stay working for long periods of time (last time I had to do this was about 24hrs ago). To make the screen turn on when I restart, I open my computer up, unplug and replug in the battery.

The battery is relatively new, but it is a cheap mimic with only 85% capacity left after 2months of installing it (60 charge cycles) :/

Are there any permanent fixes for this?

Also (this may be semi-related), sometimes when I open (my laptop), the screen is messed up. Everywhere that there is supposed to be white on the screen, it is blue.

Could it be that I need to replace my screen? (Coincidentally, I have an extra screen/parts from my old computer that died, and I know how to install screens).

Update: when opening up my computer, I noticed that the plastic arms that hold my RAM in weren't staying secured around the ram, so (since I'm at school and I don't have anything else to use for this) I made paper spacers to hold the ram in. enter image description here

I'll update this later with whether this fixes my problem or not.

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