I've noticed that most applications that I use have common keys in their plist files that start with SU. Examples are:


What does SU stand for? What do these keys mean? How do their values affect my preferences?

  • From which specific plist file is this? And can you add the relevant of the file directly, not just list the names. – nohillside Feb 21 at 6:55
  • @nohillside I’ve seen them (but most likely not limited to) menubar apps like Bartender, Hazel, Endurance, etc.! – migodaet Feb 21 at 8:50


These keys are used by the open source Sparkle framework.

Sparkle is an easy-to-use software update framework for macOS applications. It delivers updates using appcasting, a term used to refer to the practice of using RSS to distribute update information and release notes.

SU stands for Software Update. The project publishes documentation for currently supported property list (plist) keys.

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