I am using Macbook Pro Late 2017 with touchbar The screen recently show a odd line.

If I turn off then leave it sometimes and turn on again. The problem gone. And after I use around 2 hours, it appear again. Tried a few times. I suspect it is overheat somewhere or the display unit shows problem when heat is meeting certain level.

Not sure if anyone experience before or if there is anyway to resolve before the last method - Apple Service.

Top bar Bottom Whole screen at boot screen(added contrast to show it due to Mobile camera is not clear after taking photos)

The above line seems being cut and put in the bottom. I regard it as cascaded line. There is only 1 line like this. At boot screen, the bottom line is very obvious, remaining some color in it like the wallpaper color. (not sure what it is and why)

  • That’s a an Apple service issue. – Allan Feb 20 at 16:10

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