I tried to reload Cydia, which stopped working on my jailbroken iPhone 4. I downloaded "Redsnow" and "Ipsw 4.3.2", which worked, until I went to use and downloaded an app with Cydia.

I did not realize that this jailbreak version needed to be tethered to reboot! So i put my iPhone back in sleep mode and boot from Redsnow only to have it get locked in the logo boot mode for 2 days now! Yesterday I panicked and downloaded the latest update from iTunes and did a factory instal with no avail - still in this boot logo loop

How can I fix this and use my phone?

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You need to first put your phone into DFU Mode. Then, run Redsnow, go to "Extras" and select "Just Boot".


My suggest would be to restore your iPhone using iTunes and re-jailbreak it using the latest Absinthe which supports jailbreaking the most recent iOS 5.1.1.

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