I have a macOS High Sierra VM (that I run on VirtualBox), and for some reason even though I've assigned 128mb of graphics to the VM (that was the maximum amount), in the VM it says that it has 3mb (making it nearly impossible to use because of the lag)Settings panel macOS High Sierra VM

Does anyone know how to effectively increase the graphics amount?

I'm running VirtualBox v5.2.26, and I got the VMDK from either Techviewer or Geekrar

  • Try installing macos from scratch using the installer from the app store – Mark Feb 20 at 11:23
  • I'm afraid I can't because (1) it doesn't come in iso form and (2) it wouldn't work because it's not actual Apple hardware :/ – Sam Feb 20 at 15:08
  • I mean the VM doesn't virtualise Apple hardware – Sam Feb 20 at 19:49
  • @Mark ^^ (forgot to @ you) – Sam Feb 20 at 20:16

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