Is there a way to remove configuration profiles as root?

So far I have tried the following:

$ sudo su -
$ find / -name profile # trying in the following folder
$ cd /private/var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/Settings
$ chmod 777 com.apple.managed.PlugInKit.plist # operation not permitted
$ mv -f com.apple.managed.PlugInKit.plist com.apple.managed.PlugInKit.plist.old # operation not permitted

Any force moves, copies, removes, or chmods are not permitted even though I am an administrator. I was able to remove them manually in the UI a few months ago but the system admin disabled that feature awhile back and now I'm trying to remove the restrictions on the filesystem.

  • Short answer... don't remove System Admin restrictions. They are probably there for a good reason. – emptyshells Feb 21 at 16:24

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