I'm logged in to my Gmail account on my iPhone.

On the iPhone I click "+" under Phone \ Contacts, and I add a contact.

I decide I'd like the convenience of using my desktop to add a few more contacts, and I use Gmail to add those contacts.

I see those contacts on the iPhone, but I do not see the contact I added on the iPhone on Gmail.

My best guess is that I have somewhere a setting that makes iPhone contacts sync with Apple, not Google.

How do I see (perhaps on the iPhone) whether a given contact is syncing with Gmail or with Apple?

  • This should definitely be more clear in the contacts app, but I would suggest you just choose either iCloud (which can also be accessed on Desktop in the app or icloud.com) or Gmail to store your contacts and disable the other one in your iPhone's settings ("Passwords & Accounts" => toggle "Contacts"). Should I turn this into an answer? – JBallin Feb 20 at 4:56

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