So I have a latex zathura setup in vim and every time I want to preview the pdf in zathura it opens as a separate application and I have to manually put it as a split window. I want to open it directly in split view so I have the terminal and zathura side by side. Does anyone know how to directly open an application in split view in MacOS Mojave via the terminal? Is there any command that will work like how apple mail opens in split view when you click on an email address.

  • zathura has the ability to automatically reload changed PDFs. Can't you just open it in split view once and then have it reload changes? – nohillside Feb 19 at 8:46
  • yeah, I can. but I would prefer to open it directly in a split. Also, I would like to use it for other apps as well – shyam padia Feb 20 at 15:35

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