You can allow an application to access data if you change settings in Security & PrivacyPrivacyFull Disk Access.

Is there command to accomplish the same in terminal?


There is an article for Admins on the Apple site that mentions how to handle this:

To use the systemsetup command with either the -setremotelogin or -setremoteappleevents flag in macOS Catalina 10.15 or later, first give the parent process full-disk-access. You can grant full-disk-access manually or using Mobile Device Management (MDM):

  • Manually grant Full Disk Access: choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then select the Privacy tab. Scroll down and click Full Disk Access, then add the parent process.Use
  • MDM: use the PrivacyPreferencesPolicyControl payload.

For more information about its usage, see the systemsetup(8) man page.

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  • Although the solution may be found at this link at Apple, it is possible that the link may fail to work at some time in the future, making your answer eventually useless. Please take some time brazenly copying and pasting some of the details from this Apple page into your answer so the OP can get a sense of wat to do, and don't forget to attribute Apple as the source. – IconDaemon Jun 25 at 20:35
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    Added detail to answer from Apple site. – Chris Dressler Jun 27 at 17:40
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    This seems to set system-wide configuration options, rather than application-specific settings for the TCC privacy database. – benwiggy Jun 28 at 12:14

No, this must be performed by the user through the System Preferences page. Any method to do this via the command line would likely be considered a bug and should be reported.

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