I want to find all .app files on my Mac that aren't in the Applications folder. How do I do this?

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1st point: The suggested dupe's answer explains how to get a list of all applications installed, but does not explain how to exclude the Applications folder.

  1. How do I find all files of a specific type that are outside of a folder?
  2. I want to find all .app files on my Mac that aren't in the Applications folder. How do I do this?

2nd point: This is a 2-part question. The 1st part is a generic question that asks how to find ANY files of a certain kind not in a folder. The 2nd part is the situation specific to myself. The suggested dupe partially solves my own problem but doens't address the generic question.


3rd point: Furthermore, a key word in this question is "find." The suggested dupe's answer works to get a list of all installations, but it's not possible to get to where they're stored on the disk.

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    Heavily edited to focus on the specific problem you've described in your edit. If the answers you get don't help you to solve the more general aspect please ask a new question for this.
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Basically you take the list of applications found and filter out those who are in /Applications:

find / -type d -iname *.app | grep -v '^/Applications' > ~/applications.txt

The more elaborated way skips /Applications from the start and just lists .apps found in other directories:

find / -type d \( \( -depth 1 -name Applications -prune \) -o -name '*.app' -print \)

In both cases you might get warning messages if find tries to descend into a directory not accessible to the current user. You can prevent this by running the command with sudo.

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    I highly prefer the second one (you don't scan a directory for nothing).
    – dan
    Feb 16 '19 at 12:51

Here's another solution using find. We negate the predicate -path with an !- exclamation point. Use the -x option to prevent descending into other devices (filesystems) and send any error messages to the bit bucket- 2>/dev/null.

find -x / ! -path '/Applications/*' -type d -name '*.app' 2>/dev/null

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