Hoping to get a little help with using two iPhones with one SIM card to make/receive phone calls (that is using one SIM card in an iPhone 6s, and an iPhone 5s to make and receive calls via the 6s and its SIM.

I have an iPhone 6s with a SIM card in it, and an iPhone 5s that I'd like to be able to use to make/receive calls via the SIM in the 6s. Basically what I wanna do is exactly what you do with an iPad/Mac and an iPhone, i.e. 'Make call from iPhone'. I have enabled iMessage, FaceTime, on both devices, on the 6s I have enabled Wi-Fi calling and 'Allow Wi-Fi calling from other devices', with the 5s enabled as one of the allowed devices, so all the settings are in order, but here is the hurdle. I can receive calls on the 5s (anecdote: it's quite funny, bordering on maddening when you receive a phone call and you have TWO iPhones, an iPad AND a Mac ALL playing the same ringtone, each slightly out of time with each other! haha), but I can't actually initiate a call from the 5s, presumably because it's defaulting to make a call via the internal SIM, of which there isn't one, so I just immediately get 'Call failed' when trying to make a call from it. So I suppose I'm wondering if there is a way to tell my SIM-less iPhone 5s to make a phone call via the iPhone 6s and its SIM. Other maybe useful info: I've set both devices to 'start conversation from' the phone number of the SIM in the 6s. I've set 'you can be reached from' both the phone number and my various email addresses. If I have left any important info out I'd be happy to oblige. Thank you all, any help is massively appreciated!

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