For context: I have 2 x High Sierra dual boot (Personal\Work). I want to prevent having to re-pair one single device each time I switch between them. I see plenty of material on how to make the BlueTooth devices LinkKeys unified between Windows\OSX\Linux but not [OSX\OSX].

    defaults read /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Bluetoothd.plist LinkKeys

    "dc-a9-04-83-e7-2f" =     {
        "00-16-94-2d-d8-27" = <82048901 cda5ffb5 79cb3908 ac3dfced>;
        "98-5a-eb-b8-73-76" = <05a5fc53 9ec26045 14c9d9c3 4bf26fde>;
        "a4-e9-75-0f-35-30" = <5fdd1f6b 9fb179ac a65ebf79 b576668a>;

The above shows 3 BlueTooth devices and I only need to replace one of the LinkKeys with another LinkKey. How do I achieve this?

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