My MacBook is having problems with the keychain. I have taken it to an apple shop and it has not been fixed (his solution is to delete everything from the user and set up a new user and transfer all my files across).

Basically, every time I try to connect to my wifi I have to enter the password again... as soon as I close the lid it disconnects and I have to type the password again.

All my keychains have been deleted as a previous article I read said to go into keychain access, preferences, reset my current keychains to default.

I also rang apple but they said because its 2010 they cannot tell me how to do it (but its really easy)...unhelpful comment.

Please if anyone knows how to resolve this I will be very very grateful.

  • have you tried going into system preferences and ensuring that "Remember networks this computer has joined" has been clicked under Networking > Wi-Fi > advanced, alongside "Automatically Join this Network" on the main Wi-Fi page. – bret7600 Feb 14 at 19:43

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