I have several duplicate entries in the keyboard shortcuts services. I want to delete the duplicate entries, and right clicked and clicked show in Finder to find the location of these. But it leads to Applications folder.

So I tried find these location manually, but I could not.

enter image description here

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Custom services can be found in ~/Library/Services.

If showing the service in the finder led you to the Applications folder it's a service that came bundled with an app. These should be defined in that app's Info.plist.

You can access it by right clicking on that application in the Finder, selecting Show Package Contents and navigating to Contents. Once you've opened the file look for the Services key. Expanding it will show you all services that come bundled with that app. Deleting a service's key might remove its entry from Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services. Be sure to make a backup of the .plist file first, in case something goes wrong and you want to roll back the changes.

Note that you might need extra software (like Xcode) to open .plist files.

  • Your answer could helped. I have found that uncheck and rechecking the services option "in the LaTeXit.app" could solve duplicate services problem
    – z0nam
    Feb 14, 2019 at 18:34

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