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I have a 1 TB drive. From Disk Utility, it shows 927.6 used, and 66.93 free, with a purgeable space of 424.15 GB I have followed several different documents floating around the Internet to turn off Optimized Storage. After following the instructions several different times (different approach all similar) I still show Optimized Storage turned on, even through all the underlying switches have been turned off.

When I followed this approach (https://www.jackenhack.com/mac-os-purgeable-remove-clear-space/), I have now added almost 16 TB to my drive. Then from System Information > Storage Management it shows 16.2 TB in Documents!

enter image description here

How can it do that? I have searched high and low to try and solve this issue. and have nothing but increasing frustration to show for it.

Oh and I thought "Hey I better dig a little deeper." So I looked up my Unix commands and took a peek at the disk by issuing this command df from my home directory in Terminal window:

enter image description here

Do I just need to try and continue filing my disk with the stupidfile and see if I ever fill it up?

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  • I suspect this is related to duplicating the large file. The article is old and that method won't work. You need to keep generating new "file" with the dd command. – Ezekiel Elin Feb 13 at 22:05

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