My iMac is on 10.14.2. Every day I come to the office there is a popup on a black background

The update was not installed successfully.

You can try updating again in System Preferences after restarting.


There is no other option. When I click it restarts and is busy for 15 minutes.

Every day.

This upgrade is like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. How do I make it stop?


First run Disk Utility & check the drive, then try running the Combo Updater instead of the downloaded delta.

Google can always easily find these, but the one for 10.14.3 is here -
Apple Support; Download macOS Mojave 10.14.3 Combo Update

  • Thank you. Tried this just now and same result. "Good morning. Off to see the groundhog?" – William Entriken Feb 12 at 15:28

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