My wife and I both have Iphone 8 running 11.4 (or at least mine is 11.4)

Very weird behavior that I noticed happened recently. I usually set my Airdrop to "Contacts Only" and leave it as such. I remember being able to send/receive photos or videos between our phones in the past using Airdrop.

However, yesterday, I had to set my Airdrop to "Everyone" so her phone could see my phone to send photos/videos. Why did the behavior change? She is a contact in my contact list. I even tested to make sure when I called, my contact name/photo pops up and vice versa.

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    Is she in your Contacts with the same Apple ID that she was signed in to her iPhone? Air drop in the older ios versions was very flaky and inconsistent. – fsb Feb 12 at 3:34
  • @fsb, thanks for your interest in my question. the phone 6 months ago is the same phone now. However, we did migrate from older iphones to our current iphone 8. would migrating somehow experience this behavior? I am a little confused b/c it used to work 6 months ago with the new iphone 8. – Classified Feb 12 at 3:40
  • I don't think migrating would affect it. The usual troubleshooting steps are about the best you can do. Check with other devices. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and you're on the same wifi network. Sign-out and back in to icloud. Restart the device. Pray. If those don't work, search this site for similar problems and see if any of those answers help. – fsb Feb 12 at 3:46

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