someone please explain why this won't work. The script alone without the "if mainReturned = "File" then" works just fine but when I add it to another part of a script, things get weird. It highlights the word "on" on the 5th to last line of the script and then stops working etc. Please explain how I can fix it to add it to another script? The gist of the other script is basically if you enter a word the script will bring certain things up such as if I were to enter the work "File" it performs this. But it won't work. Its the format of if mainReturned = "File" then

            set SearchDir to choose folder
            set SearchTerm to text returned of ¬
(display dialog "Enter your search term below:" default answer "" with icon file "Macintosh HD:Users:<insert user's name.:Documents:robot-icon.png")
            set theResults to SpotlightSearch(SearchTerm, SearchDir)
            if theResults is not {""} then
                set theChoice to choose from list theResults with prompt ¬
                    "Here are the files that match the search term \"" & SearchTerm & ¬
                    "\" in directory \"" & SearchDir & "\":" cancel button name ¬
                    "Quit" OK button name "Reveal in Finder"
                if theChoice is not false then
                    tell application "Finder"
                        reveal (POSIX file theChoice) as alias
                    end tell
                end if
                display dialog "No Results Found." buttons ¬
                    {"Quit", "Search Again"} default button 2 with icon file "Macintosh HD:Users:<insert user's name>:Documents:robot-icon.png"
                if button returned of result is "Quit" then exit repeat
            end if
            on SpotlightSearch(SearchTerm, SearchDir)
                set theResults to paragraphs of ¬
                    (do shell script "mdfind " & quoted form of SearchTerm & ¬
                        " -onlyin " & quoted form of POSIX path of SearchDir)
            end SpotlightSearch
  • It’s better to fix an initial question that gets closed rather than delete the one on hold and ask again. apple.stackexchange.com/questions/351158/… - nice work editing this into shape - that helps immensely. – bmike Feb 11 at 23:31
  • Also, one thing that really helps when you are asking about programming / scripting / automation is to present a MCVE - stackoverflow.com/help/mcve - Minimal, Complete, Verifiable Example. In your case, a clear explanation that would let someone try and reproduce your error would get some upvotes and answers I believe,. – bmike Feb 11 at 23:33
  • sadly I don't know how I can rewrite it so its smaller, so this is all I got. My question is can anyone fix this so it's compatible with the format of code in AppleScript that goes if mainReturned = "" then <insert code above> – Londres Feb 12 at 0:58
  • That’s fine. Worst case, no one can help and you eventually post the answer. Thanks again for tidying up the questions, good improvements with the edits. – bmike Feb 12 at 1:02
  • just asking but with your experience, do you know how to fix my program or no...? it would be most appreciated – Londres Feb 12 at 1:50

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