In Keynote app on my iPad, I see a list of seven of my presentations “On My iPad”. Next to these is a list of “Locations” including iCloud Drive, On My iPad, and Recently Deleted.

When I single-tap on the icons, nothing happens. When I double-tap on the icons, nothing happens. If I press-and-hold I get a context menu offering items such as Copy, Duplicate, Delete, and so on. But no Open.

➥ How does one convince Keynote to open its own presentation files?

screenshot of presentation files list in Keynote app

  • So this really is about troubleshooting when the tap doesn’t open. Want some ideas what I’d try? I’ve never seen this, but knowing what happens underneath we might make a trouble shooting attempt. – bmike Feb 11 '19 at 23:06

Apparently, a bug.

Crashed out of Keynote. Relaunched Keynote. Now a single-tap opens the presentation.

  • Cool. I almost said restart iOS entirely. Saved application state can be cranky to debug on iOS and macOS. – bmike Feb 12 '19 at 1:11

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