I have seen several blog posts and articles about how to create context menu items in Finder and have been motivated to try creating a Context Menu (right-click) Items inside the Photos app.

Using Automater, I created a workflow using an Applescript to find what albums include the image selected. In the workflow header I say that the Workflow receive current 'image files' in 'Photos.app + Finder.app' Please see picture below.

The result is that the new context item is shown in the Finder.app (at the bottom = "Find Albums") but not in the Photos.app as can be seen in the other pictures below.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

I don’t know how to save this script into Photos.app to get it to activate.

What setting allows my script to be seen in Finder and not in Photos?


As far as I know, applications handle the right-click context menu on their own and there is no way to modify it. The general way of registering a service or having an application add a context menu entry only works for Finder (possibly also for other system contexts, but not Photos), which allows extending the menu.

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