Back in 2017, I purchased an Apple Magic Keyboard 2 – which is a wired keyboard with Bluetooth – for use with an Apple MacBook Pro (macOS Sierra 10.12.6). However, I have not been able to enjoy the Magic Keyboard 2 for any length of time because the Bluetooth gives me a headache after a few minutes' usage, and I have to unplug it and go back to using my old, non-Bluetooth Apple keyboard.


•I decoupled/de-paired the Magic Keyboard 2 from my MacBook Pro, but Bluetooth is still on, albeit in passive mode.
•I have had similar issues with other Bluetooth devices in the past.

My question is this: is there any way that I can completely (and I mean absolutely) turn off Bluetooth, which automatically comes on the second the keyboard is switched on? In theory, this should not be difficult. For example, it is easy to turn off wi-fi on a router using the driver software that is shipped with those devices.

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