I have an Ansbell USB-C dock connected to my Macbook Pro. On this dock there's an HDMI port that is plugged in to one of my external monitors. This works fine. Also on the dock are two USB-C ports. One is specifically designated as the "charging" port. Basically, the USB-C charger cable won't work on the other one, it'll only work on the one designated as the "charging port". So, the charger is plugged in there, and then I have an USB-C to HDMI adapter (made by Anker) plugged in to the other USB-C. The external monitor is not coming on. However, when I unplug the charging cable and plug the USB-C to HDMI adapter into the "charging" USB-C port on the dock, the display works. Curious if anyone knows why, and also how to get both my external displays to work.

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