I have thousands of photos on my phone. Perhaps a hundred or so are "tagged" in other albums (like Favorites or special event albums I've created). I have all of my photos backed up, so I won't lose the photos, but the way I find them easily and quickly is via these albums on my phone.. I would like to bulk select large amounts of photos/videos to delete, but I DON'T want to delete those that are also in these other albums, or else they will be removed from those albums.

I would love to have a automatic album (like "Videos" or "Panoramas") where the photo is there specifically because it is NOT in any other album. Then I could select from there and delete without worry.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how one might go about this? I don't have the time to look at every image...

I guess the only other option is to carefully document which photos are in these albums. Then I could delete them ALL from my phone, and only put back on my phone these carefully documented photos, and then manually add them to my albums again.

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