I've installed both pip (pip27) and pip3 (pip37) for Python.

However, MacPorts has only created one group called "pip" that can either be set to pip27, pip37 or none.

I want pip27 to be available as pip and pip37 to be available as pip3.

How can I create an additional group, so that I can easily use both pip and pip3 from the Terminal app? None of the port select subcommands seem to provide this option?

Currently, MacPorts has the following groups:

Nicolass-MacBook-Pro:Projects nlykkei$ port select --summary
Name        Selected      Options
====        ========      =======
pip         pip27         pip27 pip37 none
python      python27      python27 python27-apple python37 none
python2     none          python27 python27-apple none
python3     python37      python37 none
virtualenv  virtualenv37  virtualenv37 none
  • Are you just trying to run python 3.7 or python2.7? – jmh Feb 10 at 15:34
  • @jmh - well, I'm trying to run pip and pip3 without having to run port select --set pip pip27-pip etc. – Shuzheng Feb 10 at 17:11
  • Are you using Anaconda for your python? – jmh Feb 10 at 20:22
  • @jmh - I am not using that. – Shuzheng Feb 11 at 18:41

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