I want to downgrade the app Shortcuts from the newest version (2.1.3) to the old version 2.0.

I found a tutorial on the internet: https://medium.com/@iosight/how-to-legally-download-any-previous-version-of-an-app-store-app-through-itunes-9b45559b8357

The problem with this is that in iTunes I can't click the "download" button since you can only download this app on the iPhone itself and not in iTunes. So, the button is greyed out.

Another option would be to install an IPA file manually in iTunes, but I can't find any IPAs on the internet.

Does anyone of you have an IPA file of the Shortcuts 2.0 app or do you know another way to downgrade this app?

Thanks in advance.

  • iTunes no longer uses, store or synchronises IPA files; your only source of apps now is direct from the iOS device itself, OTA, unless you have some type of external MDM/configurator such as in a corporate structure. Additionally, IPAs have never been transferrable without jailbreak. – Tetsujin Feb 9 at 16:38

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