After I installed macOS Sierra I decided I wanted to also have Windows for gaming. I installed Windows 8.1 via Boot Camp Assistant and gave it about 110 GB of space.

After some time I realized that I don't have enough space left so I made a partition via Disk Utility that had about 150 GB of size and it's formatted as ExFat.

I went back to Windows but unfortunately, the new partition is nowhere to be seen in File Explorer or Disk Management.

I tried using MS-DOS (FAT) with no luck.

I would love to do this without reinstalling Windows if possible.

  • Let me see if I understand. You have 110 GB of space and 150 GB of space and want to combine them into the C: drive? Or do you want a C: for 110 and a D: for 150? You'll want a separate question on what setup allows both Mac and windows to read and write files - there are some compromises there - so that's best left as a different thread - like "what format should I chose" on an external USB drive to share files. – bmike Feb 9 at 14:20

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