I manage a website, khoe.org, for a local radio station. There is a page with a number of radio shows available to listen to, and I used the HTML5 audio player. Some are .mp3 files and some are .m4a files.

All the files have always worked on my laptops. But the radio show host has emailed me saying she can't listen to some of her shows. Turns out it's just the .m4a ones she can't play, or even load in the player. I looked at my html and noticed the "type" was set to "type=mp3", so I changed it to "type=mp4" (as per another question's answer) and now she can play them on her iPhone and iPad, but still not on her MacBook.

Here's her specific page with the shows: http://khoe.org/programs/sheilamoschen.html

In looking at another question on here, their solution was to change the file extension itself to .mp4, as well as the "type". Tried that, and they still play fine for me, still not for her.

I assume it's just something on her end, but, she also told me she has a friend who can't listen to ANY of the shows, the mp3s or the m4as. So now I'm wondering:

Is there something wrong with my code? Is the HTML5 audio player not generally supported? Is it something with their devices?

Thanks for any help.

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  • Update: Turns out she was using Safari, and once she downloaded Chrome everything worked perfectly. As for the friend who can't listen to any, he's using "a MacBook from 2011" so who knows how outdated his browser is. Looked into it and apparently Safari does support the HTML5 audio player, but doesn't support all file types - just as we've seen. Really surprised they aren't more on top of it, how long has HTML5 been out now?? – Brianna Eason Feb 9 at 16:51
  • Hi Brianna. One reason you may not have had any answers to this is because it may not really be a Mac issue. In reading it, it does seem to be a back-end code issue (in which case Stack Overflow would be a better place to ask it), or a browser issue. There are more details we'd need, that we'd probably need to get from the affected user themselves, to actually be able to help, if it is even a Mac-specific issue. – Harv Feb 14 at 6:09

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