Can anyone knowledgable about mac hardware and macOs - in particular about what makes a version of macOs "Metal adequate" - speculate whether the Late 2012+ Macs w/Intel HD4000 graphics will continue to be "Metal adequate" post-Mojave?

I ask because right now I can get a used L2012/HD4000 Mac Mini, currently supported under Mojave, for about what I can get for my early 2011 MBP, which does not support it. So I can replace the one with the other at little or no cost.

But I don't want to have to upgrade macs again with the next macOs upgrade because the HD4000 graphics are no longer "Metal adequate" at that point.

My reason for caring so much about OS versions is that I do xcode/ios development on that early 2011 mbp, and Apple generally requires developers to be on at least the second most recent macOs version in order to be able to use the latest Xcode. So I expect come the next macOs release later this year I'll be out of luck for upgrading Xcode if I stick with my mbp.


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  • Any good crystal ball will be able to answer your question - mine is running its update - sorry... – Solar Mike Feb 9 at 6:45
  • Sorry, perhaps I put it badly by asking what Apple might do. Leaving the speculation and any risk-taking up to me, I should just ask if anyone who knows about the Metal hardware requirements can say whether where Apple drew the line - Intel HD3000 vs HD4000 - is due to some hardware feature(s) absent in the former being introduced in the latter, and which Metal depends on? Or was it just that 4000 wasn't "fast enough"? – Logickle Feb 13 at 20:17