Sharing the Wi-Fi Password with both iOS and macOS devices under the Same Apple ID is not available for me. I can share the the Wi-Fi password with other person if we if we are registered in the phone book both. However, I can't share my Wi-Fi password from my iMac to iPhone if I open both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. I opened the Wi-Fi password type screen on iOS, hence a pop-up don't pop-up on Mac for allowance.

What is the main reason ?

iOS 12.1.4 & macOS 10.14.3


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  • Your question is a bit confusing. Can you please clarify what exactly is the problem you're facing? – fsb Feb 8 at 15:13
  • My question is about WiFi Password Sharing run schema. – berkb Feb 9 at 8:06

WiFi Password Sharing is only available if the password recieving device has the password sharing device in the contacts.app.

Make sure your Apple ID is added to the other person's Contacts app.

  • Hi @Daniil Manokhin. I'm registered in contacts.app with "Me" contact (Apple ID entered). Doesn't it work for me? I remember because I used to. – berkb Feb 9 at 8:05

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