I am running a vncserver 6.2.1 on macOS 10.10.5. I'm running the client on Ubuntu.

I'd like to automatically login from ubuntu to my macos machine. I've found you can automatically login from the command line:


vncviewer asks for my password which I do not know.

I've forgotten the client password. I can still login by picking a profile from the GUI login. Is is possible to pick profile from the command line?

Is there a way to find out the password?

Where is the password saved on my macOS server? What macOS file?

Possible solution:

vncviewer lets you export a config [profile]. Double clink on exported file runs vncviewer with the parameters in the file.

Here is what I did.

1) exported a configuration from vncviewer. Pick export password.

2) moved the configuration file to /home/linux/yosemite.vnc Where linux is my short user name.

3) I create a launch icon on the top bar.

4) set the command to:

/usr/bin/vncviewer -config /home/linux/yosemite.vnc

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