Macbook Pro 13" Mid 2012, 8GB RAM, i7 2.9GHz.

So I was using Bootcamp Windows 10 and macOS Mojave 10.14.2, but suddently I could not use the macOS part. I then wanted to wipe the whole SSD and install macOS High Sierra, since I've read that it has less bugs. I have been trying for two days to wipe the drive completely (gparted, diskutil, disk utility), but without success. Is there a way to clean up all the non-needed volumes so that my Mac gets all the space in one drive?

In the Internet Recovery I see Mountain Lion, and I even tried formatting the drive with a Mountain Lion USB, and it also failed.

It's my internal and only SSD in the Mac, and I am certain it is not a hardware failure.

diskutil list

  • I will provide any further information needed. I'm sorry for the pictures -- can't boot into anything so I don't know how I should take the screenshots. – Vasilije Niko Nikolic Feb 8 at 14:42

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