I have lost the remote for my 2nd gen Apple TV. Apple says this is no problem, thanks to the Apple TV Remote app. BUT - the instructions, here:



  1. Open the Apple TV Remote app, tap Add Apple TV, then tap your Apple TV."

  2. If asked, enter the four-digit code on your iOS device that appears on your Apple TV."

Except that's not how it works for me. When I tap "Add Apple TV" in the app on my iPad, the app replies:

To pair your iPad, enter this code on your Apple TV under Settings > General > Remotes"

A subtly but critically different directive, in fact the reverse of what Apple says it should be - and I clearly can't do this since the whole point of the operation is that I don't have the Apple TV remote to be able to input anything to the Apple TV.

Did I go wrong somewhere?

  • You can always get a Apple-branded replacement remote cheap at Amazon. – IconDaemon Feb 8 '19 at 1:40

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