I have a keynote presentation where I wish to display the contents of a text file in a series of text boxes one per page of the keynote presentation.

The stupid way to do it is to use split to divvy the file up into chunks of the right number of lines (24 in my case), then cat the split output files xaa xab and so forth, grab the text and paste it into the keynote pages, yaaaawn.

So of course I wish that I could tell the textboxes always to get their content from the file xaa, xab, xac respectively, so when I start up Keynote I always get the right text in each box even when I have modified the master file and re-split it (and this is happening quite a bit, so updating the end product power point presentation is a PITA).

Can I somehow link a text box in Keynote to an external plain text file such that at startup it always gets its content from that external file?

Seems like such an obvious thing to want to do...

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